New 400mm f2.8 Z to include built-in Teleconverter

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Re: unless the 600mm has a TC as well.

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If confirmed this is a game changer for some sports.

This lens is a game changer? How so?

I think the idea is that it would give the photographer the ability to switch from a 400/2.8 to a (roughly) 600/4.0 in about half a second. For some sports, that could be a big benefit compared to the alternatives, which are carrying both a 400/2.8 and a 600/4 or using a 400/2.8 with an external 1.4X teleconverter.

There are a few sports where it's not that uncommon for the sidelines pros to carry both a 400/2.8 and a 600/4 (soccer is one; I've also seen it at golf tournaments; and I feel like I've seen it at baseball, too). Obviously, carrying (and paying for) only one supertelephoto is a much friendlier idea -- especially the paying for it part. Plus it would be a little faster to switch from one focal length to the other. If you haven't seen how Nikon's built-in TC works, you should take a look at the 180-400/4 lens, which has one. It's a quick switch at the rear of the lens, designed to be used without breaking your shooting "posture".

The advantage over using a standard 400/2.8 with an external TC would be that a) it's a lot faster to switch and b) you don't have to expose the inside of either the camera or lens in rainy, snowy, dusty etc. conditions. Many sports are shot in those kinds of conditions, and interchanging lenses can be problematic in those cases.

This new lens, if it actually becomes real, combined with the high resolution of the Z9 would actually mean that many sports (and maybe some wildlife) photographers could forego buying a 600mm lens at all. They could just use this 400 at 560 and crop from 45-megapixels to effectively get all the reach they get now with a 600/4.0 plus a 1.4X TC on a 20-megapixel D6 or EOS-1DX III.

Because, why not?

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