Fringer + Nikon AF-S 500mm f5.6 PF anybody got experience?

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Re: Fringer + Nikon AF-S 500mm f5.6 PF anybody got experience?

Morris0 wrote:

maltmoose wrote:

Morris0 wrote:

maltmoose wrote:

Ive no doubt the nikon 500 is an excellent lens but what you may gain in sharpness you will loose in flexibilty with the prime vs zoom but you will also loose native af ability with the fringer.

For the money you could get an a7riv and the new tamron 100-500 fe mount or the sony 200-600 or sigma 150-600.

"loose native af ability with the fringer."

What does that mean?


Ok so i made a typo..

Sure adapting lenses works, i use them too but bottom line is adapted lenses dont perform as well as non adapted lenses which is the point im making. If they really want the nikon 500mm, then getting the nikon d500 would perform better than adapting it.

An all canon, all nikon or all sony setup is what id do if spending loads on high quality telephoto lenses.

I disagree. The Fringer Pro II adapter is super and I get the same performance with lens on lens manufactures' body as well as Fuji lens on Fuji body.

I have seen what you are saying with other adapters and brands, not in this case.


If you say so.

I know basic af is fine when youre on the subject but whats it like if you loose focus and have to reaquire focus or go short to long focal length or close up to far and back or objects moving towards you. Is it all native performance?

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