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Re: The Perseids Meteor shower and our place in the Universe

Traveller wrote:

The Perseids Meteor shower last night was great.

It was surprisingly fabulous and I must add that if I can drive up the Angeles Crest Highway with all the light pollution from Los Angeles below, and see nine very good meteors with one fireball in half an hour, then most everyone should also be able to find somewhere moderately close to themselves also.

It is true that I was at the 3,330 ft level which helps even though it wasn't as high as possible, but still considering the light bleed from Los Angeles, everyone else should have a good sky in that this is also a new moon.

A nice touch was laying out even on the rocky ground with the cool night breeze blowing across your body. There was the Big Dipper off to the left and the great Dome of the night sky during the new moon stretching out above you.

This evening is supposed to be the best time to watch the Perseids, though Saturday and Sunday should be okay also. However it is Friday the 13th so be careful out there....lol...but enjoy.

Best Wishes, Traveller

Oddly, I couldn't tell where the Northeast sky was....true I was on a twisty mountain road with lots of switchbacks, but I was insisting inside myself that I was looking Southwest even though my cell phone's compass said that it was in truth Northeast thata` way. The phone was right and I must have no sense of direction at all!

I don’t seem to be able to read anymore, kind of a speed skimmer.  Getting me into personal trouble.

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