Used markets not wanting to accept reality

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Re: He is probably only looking at select eBay auctions

Kokopelli_Rocks wrote:

Flavil wrote:

Flavil wrote:

preferredfault wrote:

...even the GR2 is selling for the same or higher than the GR3! A camera that came out in 2007!

No it isn't. Not even close. Where are you getting this from?

Way off. Your conclusion is based on some seriously wacky tobaccy data bro.

From Feb to July of this year four (at least) have sold on FM.

  • $375
  • $400
  • $385
  • $395

You see this all the time, people only look at a few listings on eBay and then generalize it for the market.

You are, of course, correct. I don't think it really matters, though. This thread was created to support a rant, not reality. Gotta make the data fit.

The difference between what someone wants for a item and what people actually get.

The amounts you listed might even be lower - we don't know what the actually selling price is, since most deals are finalized on PMs.

I almost edited the post to add bargaining, but the prices were already sooooooo much lower than than what the op stated, I didn't bother.

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