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If I have a timely and valid answer for a question  I  give it. Who or how long the person has been around is irrelevant. I rarely check back so I'll never know if they respond to my response.  I answer, I'm done- not a chat room. Consider  the information or perspective I offer or not I don't really care.

There are a lot of subjects which come up year after year  and the info can change so information presented in the 2019 post researching 3d party ink  may be incorrect now. Two of the preferred 3d party manufacturers raved about   have discontinued support to some models. Not enough demand.

I have an Epson 2200 which prints flawlessly -7 colors,  heavy matte paper- and the software is spot on  but it will be a doorstop when the last OEM cartridge runs dry.  While there is excellent ink available from CONE  the 3d party cartridges still made  are hit and (mostly) miss  and not worth the bother.  Fortunately I just completed with great satisfaction  a large project - 36 images multiple prints of each-  before that happened so I am resigned to moving on.

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