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Re: Tone Curve to Squeeze DR into CR

SigZero wrote:

Entropy512 wrote:

Just for reference:

As an experiment, I've taken a shot without a tone curve and converted it into a Rec.2020 HLG video, which then was fed to a Vizio P65-F1 - the results were, to say the least, impressive.

It's too bad we're a LONG way from having a consistent and well standardized way to deliver stills to HDR displays.

Can you describe steps You've taken? I'd love to repeat that experiment but I'm really beginer in creating video files...

Br, Pawel.

ffmpeg -loop 1 -r 24 -t 30 -i DSC02708_03.tif -vf pad=1438:2160,zscale=tin=linear:t=arib-std-b67:m=bt2020nc,format=yuv420p10le,pad=3840:2160:1200:0:black -c:v libx265 -preset medium -crf 26 -x265-params "colorprim=bt2020:atc-sei=18:colormatrix=bt2020nc" antelope.mp4

The TIF input was a 16-bit linear Rec2020 image

This requires ffmpeg to be compiled with the zscale filter (many binary releases of ffmpeg are not) - the pad parameters are, if I recall correctly, designed for a 3:2 landscape input... but maybe it was portrait????

Edit: A more recent attempt was:

ffmpeg -loop 1 -r 24 -t 30 -i DSC02236.tif -vf pad=3840:2160:302:0:black,zscale=tin=linear:t=arib-std-b67:npl=800:m=bt2020nc,format=yuv420p10le -c:v libx265 -preset medium -crf 26 -x265-params "colorprim=bt2020:atc-sei=18:colormatrix=bt2020nc" naturalbridge.mp4

If you don't set npl to something higher than 100, zscale will map a value of 65535 in the input TIF to 100 nits and the whole thing will be dark

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