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Re: I partially agree but there is more

Roland Karlsson wrote:

John_A_G wrote:

How much market share does Pentax have? Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc are going to be a higher priority because more people are interested in them. And, in the overall market this camera is evolutionary, not revolutionary. That, I believe, is the primary reason.

The AF improvement is a notch better than evolutionary for Pentax. Yes, others have had it for a long time. But considering Pentax'es uninterest in AF for many years, I salute Pentax for changing their mind.

But, you're also on to something as well. The Pentax faithful will blast every negative comment made about the camera. Just look at any review someone has linked to - there are those faithful that jump out and attack the reviewer.

This I think is unfair. You might have seen some small tendencies maybe, but on the whole I think the Pentax people here have been rather realistic regarding the camera and reviews.

I think the vast majority of owners, just like any brand are fair.  It's a question of the vocal minority who post on DPR.  The majority read and don't post.

As I said above, I think you are a bit unfair to the people commenting here now. I think you are living in the past. Today I think most here are rather realistic why they still use Pentax. It is mostly because they like the cameras. And now, with MILC coming, it is also mostly because they like SLR.

Maybe so.  I just see in every review someone's shown there are stalwarts that jump on and tear apart the reviews.  How many hundreds of posts were there on the bicycle test?  Maybe 90% of those people don't post on DPR anymore.  It is, after all, just my opinion.  But, think on this - all DPR staff has to go on is past experience too.  So, even if this review might be different they're still remembering how prior reviews went.  They're only human too.

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