Review K3 mark lll?

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Re: I partially agree but there is more

John_A_G wrote:

flektogon wrote:

Don Kiyoti wrote:

By now, there's very little interest in this camera outside of Pentax circles. I just don't think DPReview feels it's worth their time & effort.

Yes, you are absolutely correct! Pentax fans will buy this camera regardless how negative (potentially) such a review would sound, because there is no other Pentax body available. Non Pentax fans will never buy any Pentax body regardless how positive (potentially) such a review would sound, because they have other available bodies/lenses. So, why DPReview should bother?

How much market share does Pentax have? Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc are going to be a higher priority because more people are interested in them. And, in the overall market this camera is evolutionary, not revolutionary. That, I believe, is the primary reason.

Yes, exactly! How many could be interested in such a Pentax camera review? A fraction of those interested in other brands reviews. Now, I am not sure how DPR make such reviews, how thy obtain the cameras/lenses for reviews, etc. But I assume that it it is not free for them. So, money could be behind such reviews as well.

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