When will Olympus release a new Camera developed entirely by OMDS?

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Re: When will Olympus release a new Camera developed entirely by OMDS?

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thanks for your answer, I´m currently shooting with Sony and Canon full frame and APS-C and I will like to shoot Olympus sometime in the future, but my last test of an Olympus Pen F with a Zuiko 25mm f1.8, the noise was quite bad at ISO 800 already, thats why I think that sensor is super old, if it was launched in 2016 it was tech from 2014 or so, so is quite ancient for sensor tech.

You must have been doing something wrong to get quite bad noise at iso 800.

I would also like to correct you on your assumption that the Pen F is using ancient sensor tech: The Pen F was one of the first if not the first MFT camera bodies to use the then brand new Sony 20mp sensor.

It was launched In January of 2016, if the sensor was available from Sony in 2015, that´s really old by today standards, its 6 years old tech at the very least.

Olympus states on their website the Pen-F was scheduled to go on sale on February 26th, 2016. As the sensors Olympus uses are built to their specifications and only built into their products it would have been difficult get your hands on the 20mp sensor the Pen-F uses in 2015 if you did not belong to the Olympus development team.

As for the assumption that sensor technology is ancient just because it has been around for a couple of years this seems to be based on the false assumption that every development starts from scratch. In reality it's an iterative process. We mostly take what's there and improve on that.

Some of the chips used in your brand new smartphone are easily 20 year old designs, that doesn't make them less useful.

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