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Re: Pretty much done with "real" cameras

melodika wrote:

Jostian wrote:

yes but phones will always be best at such close up stuff, shoot some scenery with trees etc, different story, the 5x on the Mi 11 Ultra doesnt even match my Note 20 Ultra.

Ricoh GR III, F 8.0, 1/60s, ISO 200. DNG edit.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, resized to 27mp from 48mp. GCam DNG.

Detail assessment:

Shadow detail. Left: RIcoh, Right: Xiaomi

Distant foliage. Left: RIcoh, Right: Xiaomi

Shadow detail. Left: RIcoh, Right: Xiaomi

Foreground foliage / grass. Left: RIcoh, Right: Xiaomi

Middle ground vegetation. Left: RIcoh, Right: Xiaomi

Detail at distance. Left: RIcoh, Right: Xiaomi

Detail at distance. Left: RIcoh, Right: Xiaomi


  • Details are very close, generally I prefer how Ricoh renders fine details
  • Colors are nicer with Ricoh. However, that could be tuned. By default Ricoh WB leans towards cooler tones; Xiaomi warmer.
  • Depth of field is not that problematic; in a landscape scene I managed to get quite sharp image across the frame with both devices. And Ricoh was used at F8.0.
  • Xiaomi has really weak left corner; that need to taken into account while composing
  • Xiaomi has more Moiré than Ricoh – it's the biggest flaw there. Some of it could be removed but it's not always that easy. Shots in bright daylight where there's lots of foliage are usually the worst; when it's cloudy or dark it's much much better.

While looking at the photos at 100%, I still prefer how photos from Ricoh look. But mostly it's the way it renders colors by default. And that could be tuned. However, the amount of detail captured is a thing that cannot be worked through with post-production. There these two cameras are providing comparable result which I find very satisfying. Only if the moiré issue could be fixed (upcoming GCam version 8.3 will probably help with his), I think this camera would nice enough for me to replace Ricoh.

very impressive GCam on the Xiaomi, just a pity the OEM camera app still over-processes etc, massive difference vs the GCam app. Thanks for sharing, nice to see what OEMs could achieve if they sorted out their in-house processing.

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