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While neither of these subscription programs are perfect, there are 2 software publishers that are at least on the right track. They are Topaz, and ACDSee Systems.

Topaz sells a service contract and upgrade service. You subscribe to ongoing upgrades and service but own the permanent license in effect at the time you quit the subscription. This is similar to what IBM, Microsoft, and other industrial software businesses offer to their business clients.

Very interesting - that makes so much sense. If Adobe had offered it like that, I would be a Lightroom subscriber now. But, instead, I moved from LR6 perpetual to Capture One perpetual where I get to keep using my current version of software for as long as it still runs.

The one bugaboo in that process is that you probably need to initially subscribe for a minimum term so you can't walk away with the current version of software for the cost of one month's subscription.

It’s great until a new camera is released. If your annual subscription payment runs out you can still use it but it useless until you pay for the upgrade for the RAW support.
Also you miss the updates throughout the year. One example is the latest Denoise 3.2 which improved colour accuracy. They also tweak to reduce artifacts, etc

I’d be curious to know how many people actually don’t pay to renew every year to stay current. Don’t know about everyone else but I have always liked to have the latest.

Personally I'm not one to upgrade every time a new release comes out, or one to Subscribe and be Gouged monthly. I think really it depends on your intended use and frequency of use.

Since I'm not a "Professional" and using it to make money where anything that can streamline or improve the process equates to $$$, and like many other amateur Shutterbugs there are times when I'm heavily using it and other times when I'm pursuing other Hobbies etc. Spending the money for the latest and greatest just doesn't make sense or paying a monthly bill when some months I won't use the product.

That's one thing that perplexes me about some companies who are doing everything to force people into subscriptions. It may be good for the short term bottom line, but they are losing a good bit of revenue from people like me who will buy software and upgrade when needed or enough benefit exists to do so... To me I'm thinking that part a part of the "Why" also has to do with Having to ADD ENOUGH VALUE to their products to entice people to purchase the upgrade vs. people being basically blackmailed because if they drop their subscription they lose all of their past efforts or at least access to it. Maybe that's the wrong thought process, but for me at least while I don't mind paying for a quality product If I can't own a copy for long term use then it's an automatic No-Go.

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