105 MC ahead of others for portraits?

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Re: 105 MC ahead of others for portraits?

Kaj E wrote:

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For most macro lenses I've tried, the contrast and detail is too high, which requires too much post processing on skin and hair. Also, they are slower, so less background blur, especially at half/full body shots.

Would the same apply to the 50mm MC?

The short focal length gives you less background blur. You do not want to get too close with a 50 mm lens for portraits, it distorts the facial features due to perspective. That is why portrait lenses are longer focal length.

Yeah..85 is really the shortest I want to go for "traditional" portraits.... 85/105/135, 70-200 are all good choices depending on working distance, indoor/outdoor, flexibility, or available light.

50 is great for lifestyle and showing a person in their environment though... I use it more day to day, but if I need to get in close or really blur out the background, I opt for the longer lens.

Anything longer than 180/200 ish, I'm not a fan of...the compression is too strong and it starts to look like the person was just cooped out and pasted on a photo. It can also start to flatten their face too much.

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