*** CIC 220: Summertime ***

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Clockwork Orange?? Are you really that desperate?

Traveller wrote:

....grabs chest and falls to the ground in giggles and night sweats.

Be that as it may....I'm going to give you the bullet to the brain right now.

Last night I was up working late, very late with the TV on as background noise and watched in succession, A clockwork Orange and Mulholland Dr.

Weird stuff lads and lassies, great direction though, strange angles, stranger close ups of this or that or him or her or it or them.

Giving importance to the common or, uncommon for that matter.

Get out your fish-eyes and point it close to your face, or your maco 100's on a fish eye about to be cooked or you long lenses for a shadowy night shot....

Paul's T for 2 might well be fine for this Challenge....it was so clean there was a spooky loneliness about it....where were the people?!? Who kidnapped everyone...?

You get the idea, have fun. (the unusual, the not normal...Spaghetti O's?)

(as always it may take me a little bit to get the galleries up....but you know what to do now).


Never was a fan of UK TV, movies and especially humor.

Sue, that sly devil….. she knew, she knew! That was a fantastic entry from her.
Mine, if I had left it in the challenge might have gotten 1/2 a vote or so. After that I have no clue on what you’re trying to say. Fisheye??

On a side note we had a storm and a microburst last night.  A healthy branch from my neighbors tree came down, on my property not sure who is responsible for cleaning up that one. They are out of town…..

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Sold off all my DSLR gear and now I’m a cellphone shooter.

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