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Re: I partially agree but there is more

John_A_G wrote:

flektogon wrote:

Don Kiyoti wrote:

By now, there's very little interest in this camera outside of Pentax circles. I just don't think DPReview feels it's worth their time & effort.

Yes, you are absolutely correct! Pentax fans will buy this camera regardless how negative (potentially) such a review would sound, because there is no other Pentax body available. Non Pentax fans will never buy any Pentax body regardless how positive (potentially) such a review would sound, because they have other available bodies/lenses. So, why DPReview should bother?

How much market share does Pentax have? Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc are going to be a higher priority because more people are interested in them. And, in the overall market this camera is evolutionary, not revolutionary. That, I believe, is the primary reason.

This camera is different - that is, different than what the others are doing. This by itself deserves some coverage. DPReview thought "Yashica" - the obviously fake, useless thing - was different enough; why not the only brand which believes in the future of the SLR photography?

"Revolutionary" quickly becomes uninteresting if it's about improving the exact same thing. Some say the Z9 will be able to shoot at 160fps or something. What was the previous record?

But, you're also on to something as well. The Pentax faithful will blast every negative comment made about the camera. Just look at any review someone has linked to - there are those faithful that jump out and attack the reviewer.

This is Othering us - on our very own forum section.

The fact is, in many cases we do have a point. Even if it's something as small as testing a camera's AF-C in Release Priority mode instead of Focus Priority.

So, now you're DPR - you get income based on add clicks. So, you're going to publish a review less people will read and thus click on adds

Should news sites only present news which they know to get them income based on add clicks? What if changing the news a bit would get them more money, should they do it?

Income is important, but it's not all that matters.

and you're going to get endless grief for anything perceived by the faithful as suggesting the camera isn't the greatest invention of our time.

Except nobody here thinks like that, and I was paying attention.

I think if the faithful who always slam these reviewers had to write reviews of non Pentax gear and get slammed by others for their reviews, they'd be less keen on doing it. Especially, when it makes more business sense to review cameras more of the market is interested in anyway.

No. We're not at fault for seeing "WaterFAILS" for what it was. We're not at fault for observing testing errors. We're not at fault for pointing out to various inconsistencies.

And definitely, just by being fewer in numbers doesn't mean we should keep quiet.


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