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Iliah Borg wrote:

AnthonyL wrote:

The triangle was never intended to be a mathematical construct or model

But it is, although not of exposure.

The discussion was about photography, not trigonometry.

and neither was it called the "Exposure Triangle". The Photographic Triangle (Peterson) was simply a construct to show the triumvirate of Shutter, Aperture and ISO

Shutter, Aperture, and film, not ISO anything.


"Then he defines what the exposure is. According to Peterson in his book Understanding Exposure (page 14-15), the light come into the lens and after a period of time (determined by the shutter speed), an image is recorded. The recorded image is called exposure. Many times the people ask him: what is my exposure? But the right question is how much light and how long it should influence on photosensitive material. He says that a correct exposure is the simple combination of three factors: ISO, diaphragm, and shutter speed. They are the key to a correct exposure. This is what he calls photographic triangle. It then explains the concept of each factor (page 16-19)"

We need an educationalist

A literate one, not an ignoramus.

Bbeing a good educationalist goes beyond those two basic parameters.  You have a disparaging view of Peterson despite the fact that many have learnt much from his books.  He clearly has a way to communicate that many on this Beginners board are too rigid to adopt. Make sure you understand your target audience lest they will not understand you however rigorously and technically correct you are.

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