Xrite Color Profiles ?

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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

Jack Hogan wrote:

ggbutcher wrote:

"linear" refers to the original light measurements captured in the raw file. Sometimes called 'scene-linear". Usually looks dark and/or dull.

Good post Glenn. Two pet peeves:

1) Scene linear does not' look' dark, it only appears dark if the output medium is not properly color managed (i.e if it tries to apply a gamma curve where none is needed) , otherwise it will look 'properly' bright. It may on the other hand look dull but see 2) below.

"Non-linear", obviously, refers to a departure from scene-linear, through some kind of tone transform, or "curve". This almost always has to be done to a raw image to make it presentable, having to do with the non-linear response of human vision

2) Human vision expects a linear input. How could it not? Light behaves pretty well linearly right up until it hits the eyes. From then on the HVS behaves like it always does, non-linearly, based on a linear input.

But, isn't "perceptual" about what the brain does with the linear input?

The 'curve' before the input, may be necessary mainly because today's cameras capture a larger DR than the output medium, so it's an easy way to squeeze the former into the latter. Absent that it looks 'dull'. Though it carries its own problems, such as chromaticity shifts. One of DcamProf/Lumariver's better attributes is that it tries its best to compensate for such.


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