Tonal and Color Separation Examples? M43 vs Full Frame

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Re: Tonal and Color Separation Examples? M43 vs Full Frame

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I read people say that an advantage of Full Frame over M43 is greater color and/or tonal separation in images. (This is of course also often given as an advantage of Medium Format over FF). This wouldn't surprise me at all given the physical size difference of the sensors.

That's a good example of cargo cult science. Sensor size is not the discriminating factor. Lookup colour depth. The rest will become obvious.

color depth and tonal range are not the same thing although they are related

"Related" is too inprecise a word for me to use in this context. I recommend avoiding it.

As a full frame camera has more dynamic range you will therefore have more residual tones in deep shadows or highlights

The sensor size does not influence the dynamic range per se. Therefor it is wrong to claim a full frame camera has more dynamic range. E.g. does a full frame camera from 20 years ago have more dynamic range than a current crop sensor camera? Or compare two same size sensors: Why does a Pana GH5s have superior dynamic range to other same size sensor offerings from Panasonic? The answer lies in the pixel size and the imaging pipeline; the a/d converters, amplifiers, conversion software, raw file format etc.

This is visible even when you look at pictures of the blu sky as the additional levels of grey provide a smoother gradient when viewed 1:1 pixel ratio

The term you are looking for is colour banding.

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