Share your 2021 Perseid meteor shower images/footage

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Re: Share your 2021 Perseid meteor shower images/footage

W5JCK wrote:

Photographed this morning Aug 10 from about 00:00 to 05:15 CDT. I took 900 photos with my Sony a7 and Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 wide open using ISO 100 and 20 sec shutter speed. I captured zero meteors!

Sky was cloudless, but there was a lot of schmutz in the air according to the Astropheric app. However the images were not too bad considering my Bortle 9 (red zone) location. I'm hoping the reason I didn't capture any was due to where I pointed the camera (see below). It was pointed too far away from the shower radiant, so chance of catching one there is less than if I could point at or close to the radiant.

It is too bright to point the camera toward the north as that is where the huge LP dome from Fort Worth resides. Plus I have too many trees in the backyard anyway. I got lazy and placed the camera just off my front porch and pointed it as close to the zenith as possible, but the roofline of the house was interfering so it was only angled up about 60° from the horizon. I didn't want to place the camera too far away from the porch since I didn't stay outside to monitor it.

I think i'll try to find a better location to place the camera tonight wherein I can point it straight up and still keep it concealed from the street. I do have a small bicycle locking cable system I put on it, but someone could still take it if they really tried hard enough. I'll try again tonight, but if no meteors are captured I’m giving up for this location and this year.

You shouldn't use ISO 100. Try ISO3200 or even 6400

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