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Re: Agoraphobia amongst Photographers...

Lensmate wrote:

With the ongoing pandemic amongst us, I was pondering the increased cases of agoraphobia within the photography community. Do many here in the forums feel a similar anxiety, panic or anxiousness whilst photographing in a variety of places and situations?


No, not in the least.

I have photographed over the past year and a half at locations I have worked before and I have been to new places as well and they’ve all been swell experiences- except maybe that day in Laguna  and that was not anxiety that was a wish for a bolt of lightning to land right there where the wedding party was standing.

From a mental health perspective I  have  not have blinked twice regarding the “pandemic”.

I don’t really consider myself part of a community however,  and would probably more accurately label myself as an independent who plays through.

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