Canon Pixma Pro 100s: ink 1/4 gone after 10 small prints

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Re: Canon Pixma Pro 100s: ink 1/4 gone after 10 small prints

john isaacs wrote:

Ken60 wrote:

Yes John you are right , I am not that hot on the small printers . I guess the head charge must have a toll above normal . I think if there was one area where Canon could improve their machines, it is in the little things like ink usage reporting . Strange that I have a costing table in the software, telling me how many ml's I use on each print .... but a visual indicator bar that seems rather arbitrary.

I assume the accuracy of both are the same. The constant issue of accuracy vs precision.

Or 3.14159 +/- 2

At any rate, I have two Pro 100's, and I really like them, especially with the latest firmware update that extended the maximum length print.

I run OEM ink on one, and Precision Colors refill ink on the other.

My mistake.  The PRO-100's had decent print length already, and they don't have a firmware update.  It was the PRO-1000 that had a firmware update to increase print length.

My Bad.

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