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Hello !I've bought today a Xrite Color Checker Passport,i wanted to create my own custom profiles using the Xrite ''ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software''.

I made 1 Daylight profile and 1 Daylight Shade profile,they work fantastic !

Now the question is...should i make 1 night and 1 blue hour profile to cover almost every scenario ?I am talking mainly for landscape photography...i know that i have to create also Tungsten,Fluorescent light...but mainly i take pictures of nature,so Sunrise,Sunset,Daylight,Blue hour and Night.

Good profile and exact colour balance kill the light. That's good for reproduction and documenting experiments, for forensics, but not necessarily good for art.

If you want to preserve the perception of colour of the blue hour, consider an option not to neutralize it fully.

Xrite software creates profiles which are more reproduction ones than general use - I never liked colors comming out of them in classical landscape photography.

I've found that Lumariver (which is GUI for free dcamprof) created much more natural profiles out of colorchecker targets. Probably due to nice-for-human-eye color shifts.

Br, Pawel.

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So i can create the same color profile but using Lumariver ?I ask because i bought Xrite passport since couple of days,and i am not well familiar with all details.

Pretty much any color profiling software other than X-Rite's is designed to operate with a variety of target options. Anders Torger (author of dcamprof/lumariver) doesn't even make/sell targets himself.

Using ColorChecker Passports along with dcamprof is an extremely common practice - I can tell you that the included profiles with RawTherapee for the Sony A6300 and A6500 were generated using a CC passport, and if you go to the Mi Sphere 360 users group on Facebook (Facebook seems to be the only place where you can go for support for 360 cameras... ), you'll find a profile I generated using a CCPassport and dcamprof.

(Note that cameras with a fixed fisheye lens present a few additional challenges, most notably you need to defish the reference shot before profiling...)

dcamprof is completely free and open source, but is commandline only. Lumariver is basically a GUI frontend to the dcamprof engine with a few extra features. https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_create_DCP_color_profiles describes how to profile a camera using dcamprof - DCP profiles work in Lightroom too as long as you're careful with the camera name in the metadata. (The RT instructions MIGHT not work, I remember having to massage the metadata a bit for people to use my Mi Sphere profile in LR...)

A bit more discussion on tips and tricks for that workflow can be found at https://discuss.pixls.us/t/warning-auto-selected-neutral-patch-d02/25538

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