just got a new r, have a couple of questions

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Re: just got a new r, have a couple of questions

simonharris wrote:

Hi All,

Just picked up my new R and have a couple of questions I hope some kind person can help me with.

1. How do you attach the camera to the computer to download images considering it doesnt come with a usb lead that will plug into a normal sized USB port on the windows PC I use? I am in Australia so maybe Canon short changed us ?

2. How quick is it to down load images by wi fi or Bluetooth? If its quicker with a cable

Will be quicker with a cable.  But personally I've never done this; always used a card reader attached to the computer.  This is typically faster, and for me more convenient as I don't have to have the camera tethered to the computer.

I will use a cable, providing I can get one.

3. I use l series EF lenses and I tried each one on the camera which was fine except my 50mm wasn't recognised by the camera.... what gives? I checked the lens on one of my other bodies and its working fine. Is this a known issue?

My 50mm f/1.8 works ok on the R6 with a Viltrox adapter.  Not aware of any issues with any Canon EF 50mm lenses.

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