just got a new r, have a couple of questions

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Re: just got a new r, have a couple of questions

simonharris wrote:

Surprised that in my country cam doesn't come with "correct" cable for common PC's.

This is not meant as an insult, but:

Your understanding of "correct cable" and "common PCs" is probably a bit outdated. This has nothing to do with "your country", as computer hardware standards are the same all over the globe.

Chances are high that a PC or Notebook or Tablet that was bought in the last 3 years already has USB Type-C ports. Especially mobile devices often come without the Type-A connectors nowadays. Many smartphones typically also include only a Type-C to Type-C cable with the charger offering a sinlge Type-C port instead of the "legacy" Type-A port.

For example: Check the DELL XPS-15-9500. Not a single Type-A port to be seen but 3 Type-C ports.

If you are using a desktop PC check the backpanel of your motherboard. Maybe you have the matching port there. Many old pc cases are not equipped with dedicated USB Type-C ports, the backpanel of the motherboard might have them nevertheless. Sometimes there are extension cards that can be inserted in the pc case as well.

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