Considering a G1X m3

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Re: Considering a G1X m3

jw10 wrote:

My Sony rx100ii is on its last legs after almost 14,000 shots.

So I've been considering a replacement.

I hike and backpack a lot, so size and weight are extremely key considerations.

This time round I really would like to have an EVF. Considerations are the newer rx100's, and Canon G5x, m2.

Only last week I discovered the Canon G1x m3. For only an addtional 4 oz over my rx100ii, I get an EVF, APSC sensor, weather sealing.

Reports on the lens seem to be generally good -- I've looked at many sample from different reviews and the lens is as good or better than any rx100 series as far as I can tell.

It may be a little less reach than some other choices, but I find it's rare that I use the 100mm (equiv) from my current rx100ii, and with a better lens, better sensor, the G1X m3 should be able to have a tighter crop and still have good resolution compared to a smaller sensor, so I think the reach comparison may be somewhat of a wash anyway.

Some other details:

99% of my shots are in AV mode. The other 1% is TV.

I wear glasses -- will the EVF give me any issues?

I never have a tripod, and have gotten pretty good at stitching hand held panoramas where I pivot the camera around the image axis, usually in portrait orientation(see example).

I take fair amount of closeups of flowers, plants etc. Does the AF+MF work reasonably well for focusing -- considering often I'm tired, or in a rush not to slow down our progress on the trail too much futzing around would be annoying.

Given the price of a G1X m3 is equivalent to the rx100's, and the lens focal length is looking acceptable, can you think of a reason to consider something other than the G1X m3?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

6 images from rx100ii stitched with Hugin, handheld panorama

Hi. I own a G1X Mark III and I wear glasses. No issues whatsoever. I was actually over satisfied by the quality of the evf. For some reason I was expecting less. But it’s comfortable and clear. I am afraid I won’t be of much help with the other questions. I rarely use manual focus, and when I do I switch completely to that then back to autofocus. Focus peaking is precise.

As a compact camera, the only model I’ve tried was the Lumix LX100 II. I enjoyed using it but it had build issues. Sold it and got the G1X Mark III. Can’t go wrong with the very good APS-C sensor, the lens is sharp and with 24mpx you do have a lot of resolution to play with and crop. It is preferable to have a lens hood for peace of mind. Got a good quality third party one at a cheap price.

Hope this helps.

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It is amazing how a lens hood can give an air of professionalism to whatever kit I may have.

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