just got a new r, have a couple of questions

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Re: just got a new r, have a couple of questions

simonharris wrote:

1. How do you attach the camera to the computer to download images considering it doesnt come with a usb lead that will plug into a normal sized USB port on the windows PC I use? I am in Australia so maybe Canon short changed us ?

2. How quick is it to down load images by wi fi or Bluetooth? If its quicker with a cable

I will use a cable, providing I can get one.

3. I use l series EF lenses and I tried each one on the camera which was fine except my 50mm wasn't recognised by the camera.... what gives? I checked the lens on one of my other bodies and its working fine. Is this a known issue?

I would be grateful if someone could help me with any of these queries.

Kind Regards,


Hi Simon,

your text is somewhat lacking information.

1. The EOS-R has a Type-C USB connector. I don't know which cable was in your box and what ports your PC can provide, my guess is that the EOS R comes with a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable out of the box. If your PC does not have a a Type-C USB slot then check any store of your choice for a USB cable that fits your setup. USB cables come and work in all flavors and are quite cheap.

My guess is that you want something like this:

2. Via cable will probably be quicker, but this is also dependent on your infrastructe. My solution is to use an external card reader which is probably the fastest option and quite cheap as well.

3. Which 50mm? And what do you mean by "not recognized"? What functionality are you missing? If it is a full manual lense do not forget to enable "Release Shutter w/o Lens".

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