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SVJIM wrote:

If you have the nitecore charger for fuji batteries if will report the temperature if the electronics are in the battery. It does not show that the duracell has the circuitry for thermal management. I have yet to find any third party battery that does. I suspect that even nitecore's fuji battery does not have thermal management. From what I have seen it does not show up anywhere in it description.

If someone has the nitecore charger and a nitecore battery it is easy to check, simply charge the battery. If it has thermal management you will see the reported temperature increase during a charge. If if does not have thermal management, a constant temperature will be reported. If you have purchased a fuji battery and think it might be a rip off, testing for thermal management is a good way to determine if it is authentic. I bought a couple of fuji batteries off of ebay and some checked out ok and others did not. I suspect the batteries were not rip offs but most likely they had not passed QA tests.

I have the Nitecore charger, the FX-1 - only thing I don't like about the charger is it's very short USB connector which tucks/hides itself on the side of the charger when not in use.  I purchased an extension cable.  The dual charger shows battery level, voltage, charging current, battery temp, charged volume and battery health.  When charging the Nitecore battery it does show the increase in battery temp over the course of the charging, as well as for the FUji NP-W126S. So far while charging the Watson battery I did not notice the temp indicator rising (showed constant 25 degree celsius).  I'm feeling positive about he Nitecore batteries and charger.

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