Xrite Color Profiles ?

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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

ggbutcher wrote:

D Cox wrote:

It occurs to me that, in the absence of tungsten lamps, one can put an 85B filter on the lens and shoot in daylight (preferably mid day summer sunlight).

Don Cox

Hmm... Y'know, it might produce an acceptable approximation, given that daylight spectra pretty well evenly covers the visible range, while tungsten has a gradual dropoff from high to low, making it a proper subset of intensities. i don't think you could do it the other way around, however; filters only subtract, they don't add...

@entropy512, does this ring sane?

Filters subtract, but you increase exposure to allow for that. The point is to change the balance between different parts of the spectrum.

As for the other way around, in practice, an 80A filter does give better results in Tungsten light than relying on the WB settings in a camera or in Post. It's better to get the balance of red, green and blue right (or nearly right) at the analogue stage than to rely on heavy rescaling of the digital data.

For outdoor photography I prefer to set the WB to daylight and leave it there, in order to record the varying colours of the light. So probably only a single daylight profile is needed for the way I work.

Don Cox

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