R5 - Which telephoto are you using for BIF/Wildlife

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Re: R5 - Which telephoto are you using for BIF/Wildlife

You asked for advice so here is my tuppence worth.

The RF 100-500 is the lens you really want.  It is really excellent for all kinds of birds including BIF and wildlife and sports. If you get the EF 100-400 you need also the adapter and the 1.4x extender. Then after getting all that you will sooner or later want the RF100-500 because it is a better lens. Not a lot better but still better. Lighter. longer, better adapted to the R mirrorless bodies.

So then you will have to sell the EF gear taking a loss in the process and still end up paying for the RF100-500.

So my suggestion is to hold off buying any long lens until you can afford the RF100-500.

Then you will have the best tele zoom that money can buy and you won't have to change it or lust after anything else for the next 10 years.

By the way, the RF100-500 without extender is much more versatile and  better  than the RF 600f11 (I have owned both) and the 100-500 with 1.4x extender is more versatile than the F800f11.

I have no experience with the third party offerings but read plenty of posts describing AF issues with these.

Good luck


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