90cm octabox or 120cm octabox?

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Re: 90cm octabox or 120cm octabox?

Love my 35-38" octas. For tight portraiture/beauty/headshots. But... I've also done full length with them for something a bit punchy, backed up by a much bigger mod for fill.

Inspired Shot wrote:

Apa Macam wrote:

Hi guys, I've been using the Godox 32"X 32" (80cm X 80cm) square double diffused softbox for quite awhile now. It has been giving me very pleasing results and the quick and easy setup I can't find any faults with. It has been working well, with my Godox TT600, then TT685 and now , my recent acquired Ad200.
Now, I'm thinking of adding a second modifier, an octabox so that I can get a round catchlight in the eyes of my model/subject. But I've been contemplating between 90cm and 120cm. On one hand, I like the smaller size and portability of the 90cm. I'm also worried that my Ad200 might not be strong enough to fill up the 120cm octa for outdoor golden hour shoot.

On the other hand, on the back of my mind, I'm worrying to miss out on the softer light quality the larger 120cm octabox would produced. Also considering that 90cm octa light quality might be too closed to the 32X 32 square softbox I already have. What do you guys think? 90cm or the 120cm on top of my 32"X32" square softbox (which will be relinquished to become my hair light modifier).
Any opinions would be deeply appreciated especially from users who has experiences with both units.

For the AD200, I would suggest going with 35". It's plenty big and much more portable. Just place it a little closer for soft light. If you're shooting on location the 120 will be a handful-esp with wind.

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