the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

Sean Nelson wrote:

I believe it's a little more complicated than that, because in fact there is no physical "shutter" that closes in video mode

You're correct. There's a lot more going on and the rows are kind of not read one by one but concurrently with time offsets. I tried to also keep this simple for the sake of the discussion but represent the times by the offset spacing in my ASCI inspired post.

Some digital cameras DO have a mechanical sensor*, and there are some sensors that are global shutter electronically too. But for arguments sake I'm trying to keep it simple.


Cinema cameras with mechanical shutters than I know of...
*Arri Alexa Studio
*Arri D20
*Arri D21
*Sony F65
*Aaton Penelope Delta

** also Tessive (later bought by RED) used to make a kind of mechanical shutter that could be used on any camera. Great examples comparing different motion blur with different shutters here

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