Xrite Color Profiles ?

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New Basis Function, New Profile

Lots of good suggestions here. Depending on how finicky one is, my take is that it makes sense to make a new profile when the overall shape (basis functions) of the illuminant SPD varies considerably from reference, in a way that cannot be approximately compensated for by WB or interpolation.

For instance, there is little point imo to make a daylight profile at 4800 and also at 5800K, WB multipliers can typically take good care of that. If you look at their SPDs you can see that they come both from the same basis functions, essentially a tilted version of each other, starting low, peaking and ending low, jaggedness and all.

On the other hand, a black body at 2700k like a tungsten bulb's SPD is smooth and monotonic in the visible wavelengths, suggesting a separate profile for it (incidentally, the lower the CCT, the less good the CCM fit from a CC24 typically).

The jury is out on how well smooth and monotonic interpolates with peaking and jagged, unless one really had both of those exact light sources in the scene.

But I am being quite picky here, most people won't need to concern themselves with this level of detail.


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