Elinchrom announce the ONE off camera flash

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Re: Elinchrom announce the ONE off camera flash

It looks great! Agreed that it's to keep Eli users from going Profoto. I love the form factor and have experience working with a similar light in the AD300Pro, which is fantastic.

tugwilson wrote:

They seem to be in the middle of updating their web site but here are details on The Flash Centre site in the UK.


131Ws but they claim light output is equivalent to 200Ws light (a claim they are required to justify in the UK)

There's a typo but I think they mean the recycle time is 0.9sec Colour stability is +/-150K

Integrated battery, so no spare available and you can trickle charge it from the mains or from a USB C battery pack, 750 full power pops

USB C charging (proper USB C with power negotiation)

Bi-Colour LED modeling light 20W

Elinchrom mount via a weird rubber adapter and a Profoto OCF adapter.

Bluetooth control

Price £800 (Profoto B10 is £1,550 Godox AD300Pro is £465) US price $949

Edited to add

This video fills in some gaps. Confirms 0.9s recycle time and you can trickle charge it.

There a FIVE in the pipeline which looks like it has a removable battery pack and a build in Elinchrom mount (so probably no Profoto mount)

Basically the two ECL TTL lights with a battery.

If they price the FIVE like the ONE I'd expect a price of ~£1,400

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