the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

John Brawley wrote:

Svetlov Misha wrote:

John Brawley wrote:

24 FRAMES per second.

so, with a 180 degree shutter, HALF of the second, or 0.5 seconds is being exposed 24 times

to be clear... half of the sec contains 12 frames... are you sure you know what are you talking about?

Yes. Over the TIME interval of a second, half of the time the shutter is OPEN and lines are being recorded.

The other half of the second is dormant.

This in total. This happens in 1/48th intervals OVER a second.

Here is a break down of that over a single second...

1/48th - Shutter is open

1/48th - Shutter is closed


1/48th - Shutter is open

1/48th - Shutter is closed

And then within each OPEN shutter cycle....

Shutter is open for 1/48th of a second...

1st line is recorded

oh nooo, nonononono. nooo. ohnoooo hohohoho noooo

do you mean every line of th 2160 lines for 4k mode sensor shutters separately? do you mean every single frame of the 24p movie clip needs 2160*1/48sec? rly? so, the every single frame needs 2160/48=45secs for every frame? is it some kind of joke?

you can not pause the real life, also you can not to expose 24 frames in the first half of the real life sec and then to record all those 24 frames to digital file losing second part of those sec of the real life, what a nonsense.

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