the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

Entropy512 wrote:

In fact, rapid pulsing of light with a known pulse duration is one method by which people measure readout times. CineD uses a 300 Hz strobe for their lab tests


It's one way of doing it.

The other is to count pixel offsets. As listed here with many accurate integration times of many popular cameras.

Another rough rule of thumb is to double the maximum frame rate of the camera. That will usually tell you the maximum system speed.

That's not what we are talking about here.

Maybe I can re-phrase this.

Svetlov Misha wrote:

impulse duration of the flash canon 430exII set to 1/64 is 1/10000 of a second.
it is short enough to illuminate the only one frame, isn't it? yes or no?

No. the frame takes 1/48th of a second to be illuminated. You're only illuminating a part of that time.


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