16-55mm f2.8 Advice

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Re: 16-55mm f2.8 Advice

I own the X-T3 and the 16-55. Technically, it is a very good lens and the image quality is as good as it gets on a Fuji camera. However, in my opinion it is too large and too heavy - it weighs (and costs) roughly the same as the three lenses you currently have combined, and the X-T3 plus 16-55 combo is heavier than an equivalent FF setup such as the Sony A7III plus 24-70 F4. 
So a no go for me and I will sell it.

For my general travel photography I use X-T3 with 10-24 F4 (which is slower, but has OIS) and that covers >90% of my use cases. I sometimes take the 35mm F1.4 along if I expect to shoot some portraits and/or the 55-200 if I expect to need that one (which is almost never). But yes, for me it’s 10-24 90% of the time and the 16-55 is going away soon.

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