the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

Svetlov Misha wrote:

impulse duration of the flash canon 430exII set to 1/64 is 1/10000 of a second.
it is short enough to illuminate the only one frame, isn't it? yes or no?


If indeed the strobe really is that short of a duration, then the FRAME is being assembled line by line as the strobe happens to fall somewhere in the interval while this is happening.

What you don't know is the interval between each strobe AND you have no way of synchronising it to the frame cycle.  So you're just looking at two cyclical events over time with no real way to correlate the two.

my assumption of the experiment is that the camera does not record information correctly, economizes, cheats. it's not about inter-frame compression, I used a camera with ALL-I compression and the frames got exactly the same. my assumption is that the camera does not write individual frames fully for some reason

but you're ignoring the fact that most cameras used in cinema and TV production work the same way.  So how is it that they are all ruining video ?  You say ruining video but I don't understand WHAT it is that is ruined even if we accept your theory.

ps. about the evidence strong or not...

Your evidence is wrong.  I've pointed out many times the RIGHT way to test what you're trying to test.   If you were serious about this you would test in the way I describe.  You evidence also backs up what I am saying.

first.. could anyone assume the evidence why i should to use those 180 film camera rule for digital camera, plz, no blablabla, just facts.

I have actually used strobes in the way I just described above and previously.  You have not.

I speak from a position of having done this.

Those are the facts I rely on when I post in response to you.  Instead you throw insults.

second... flesh is weak... nobody wants to admit their mistakes. digital cameras has nothing common with film ones but every single one bloggers must to claim: USE THOSE 180 FILM CAMERA RULE! ask them - why should i? what will they answer? - its historical, just shut up and obey

Most cameras work in exactly the same way.  Alexa, RED most Sony cameras are all CMOS line scanning sensors.  I'm not telling you to shut up. But I ask you one thing.

How is the footage "ruined".  Describe to me what is ruined. Exactly.  Precisely.  Don't link to a video.  Use words.

I still don't understand what's "ruined" here.


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