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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

D Cox wrote:

If Tungsten (or any other black body) lamps are no longer obtainable, is there any point in making a Tungsten profile ?

Don Cox


My take is that you need two sets of color conversion matrices, so Lightroom has two points to interpolate between.

The color conversion matrices vary with correlated color temperature. With a set of two points, Lightroom/ACR can use the estimated WB to interpolate between the two set of data.

Note that the 'color matrix' is different between D50 and Illuminant A. Having two starting points, LR/ACR can estimate the correct 'color matrix' based on the 'WB' of the image.

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Also, from my perspective regarding the fact that most indoor lighting will no longer be tungsten:

Since most indoor lighting is at least attempting to APPROXIMATE tungsten as a "goal", you're more likely to get an "acceptable" profile when you profile against a real tungsten lamp and then shoot in not-quite-tungsten, than if you profile not-quite-tungsten and shoot in not-quite-tungsten-in-a-very-different-way.

Neither is ideal, but having actual-tungsten as the reference for indoors is more likely to be an acceptable match over a wider range of actual lighting conditions since you're profiling against the "goal" spectrum of most indoor lighting.

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