Xrite Color Profiles ?

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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

Lbs26 wrote:

D Cox wrote:

Lbs26 wrote:

What about astro photography,do i need calibration profile for example for full moon shots ?

As the Moon is a neutral dark grey, there's no need for a colour profile. You can just use a white balance dropper, or convert the image to monochrome.

In the case of stars, I doubt if very accurate colour is needed.

Don Cox

One more thing...i noticed with my Xrite daylight profile...the reds all always almost magenta red,am i doing something wrong?The rest of the colors are very very accurat,but only the red colors in particular in most of the photos tends to go into magenta.

Magenta is made in your head by a mix of low and high light wavelengths, or red and blue if you want to use their colloquial names.  Your X-Rite profiles use a 3x3 matrix of numbers to represent the spectral response of your camera, not a lot of information to represent a rather complex thing.  The red, green, and blue patches of your ColorChecker target should be properly represented by the profile; take a raw picture of your target, develop it to a sRGB JPEG with your X-Rite profile, and compare that image's red patch on your monitor with the ColorChecker's red patch - if your monitor is close to sRGB, or if you're using a calibrated display profile (preferred), the reds should look close in hue.

Ignoring display problems, I think your most likely culprit is the exposure of the target shot.  If you've over-exposed any of the patches, that information in the target shot is invalid for making a decent profile.  If your raw histogram of the target shot is piled up at the right-hand side, you've overexposed something.  When making target shots, I would rather underexpose it than saturate the sensor...

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