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Complete Windows reset? Lose your old programs and have to reinstall, or something less dramatic?

And the big question - now that you have NX Studio installed, was it worth it? It seems like a not-ready-for-primetime software product to me, even more so than most Nikon-supplied software. I tried it out when it was first released and found all sorts of issues with it. (For one, setting color temp by Kelvins - or even reading out the color temp value in use.) Dog slow too.

Yes, I lose all programs.
Reset this PC with option "Removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files". I had to do it sooner or later, because I wasn't able to update Windows for many months. I guess it had to be today.

Based on 30 minutes of using NX Studio so far:

Usability and responsiveness:
I'm not sure it was worth. It's slow compared to Adobe Camera Raw.

Color rendition:
It's quite different from Adobe Camera Raw (Camera Matching). NX Studio seems to have better color rendition slightly a bit more contrast and less vignette. I know I can change the sliders to achieve the same thing with ACR, but I wanted to try NX Studio so that I don't have do play around too much in ACR to achieve Nikon's color algorithm.

What about you, any thoughts on color compared to another RAW file processor?

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