Sony A7R III or A7 III for adapted lenses?

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Re: Sony A7R III or A7 III for adapted lenses?

Erichimedes wrote:

I've only just gotten back into photography after many years away. Although I use my camera for my small business, it's mostly for hobby use. I have a Sony A6500 currently that I love, and adapting manual lenses has become my favorite thing to do with it.

However, I'd really like to get a FF camera. All the lenses I adapt were meant for 35mm film, and I really want to use them on the format they were intended for. It's also very difficult to go wide with adapted lenses on an APS-C sensor, and I'd like to be able to use a 28mm or 17mm lens at the FOV that FF would render it as.

So here we go.

The two cameras I'm looking at are the Sony A7III and the A7RIII. Fairly similar, but with enough differences I'm not sure which way to go. The things I like about both of them are:
Form factor, controls, longer battery life, FF sensor, familiarity with Sony settings, IBIS, good low light performance and manual focus tools.

The main thing I want out of the A7RIII is the higher resolution viewfinder which would really help with manual focusing, which I do with most of my shooting.

The more MP's of the A7RIII seems like a double edged sword. I loath post processing, and shoot a lot of JPEGs. I would probably do a lot of my shooting at lower MP settings, only raising it if I had some specific reason to. I also like that I could shoot in APS-C mode and still have very good resolution, since I love how some of my lenses shoot on that smaller sensor format. But I do shoot in RAW some of the time, and when I do, the A7RIII is going to be making some absolutely massive files.

The A7III really is probably enough for what I do, but it has the same viewfinder as my current camera, and I'd love to try a higher resolution one. A 24MP sensor is probably just fine for my uses if I'm being honest.

But: The A7RIII is currently only $400 more, and it seems honestly crazy to me that you can get such a capable camera for that price.

-Should I save a bit more and get the A7RIII?
-Just settle for the same viewfinder in the A7III?
-Wait a little longer and see if the A7IV is released soon, hopefully bumping the price of the A7III lower?

I had the A7RIII for a few years and it delivers great resolution. For me the extra $400 would be well worth it.

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