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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

Entropy512 wrote:

To the OP (I know you already know this Glenn) - you want a proper tungsten bulb, not a high-CRI LED or CFL. These are increasingly difficult to find, but still not too difficult in the US. Not sure about Europe. (Here in the US, you can still find a few tungsten bulbs on the shelves in Lowes and I assume also Home Depot, along with an inexpensive clamp-on bulb socket that's good for getting your tungsten ColorChecker shot.)

Yeah, a rather rare animal these days, household tungsten bulb.  For doing spectral work, I decided to go muilti-use and procured a LowellPro tungsten-halogen accent light, for both measuring camera spectral sensitivity and doing copy work.  $70US from B&H - ha, just went looking, and it's not available anymore...

Yes a good tungsten or tungsten-halogen light is very useful for its coverage of the entire visible spectrum.  CFL and worse, LED lights use a mix of narrow wavelengths in the low, mid and upper range to trick your eye/brain to think it's seeing a full spread of colors.  Dastardly things, they are... 

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