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ggbutcher wrote:

Lbs26 wrote:

I found that Canon's Auto White Balance with Ambience priority works amazingly good for almost every situation,also is great for sunset and sunrise,i found it pretty accurate and easy to use in combination with Xrite.

Probably need to disclose, with all I wrote in the above post, I use my Nikon cameras' auto-determined white balance just about all the time. Works fine for most sun-illuminated scenes, I've found. From that, I sometimes have to alter whitebalance for sky-lit scenes, a bit bluish, in accordance with the color temperature shift of the light.

Keep in mind, white balance and color conversion (camera -> sRGB, or whatever) are two distinct operations. Your X-Rite profiles support the latter, and making a separate shade profile doesn't really help the color shift you see as much as working out the correct white balance for how the scene was illuminated.

Yeah. I agree with you - instead of "daylight" and "shade" - having Daylight and Tungsten and generating a proper dual-illuminant profile from those two sets is better than "daylight" and "shade".

To the OP (I know you already know this Glenn) - you want a proper tungsten bulb, not a high-CRI LED or CFL. These are increasingly difficult to find, but still not too difficult in the US. Not sure about Europe. (Here in the US, you can still find a few tungsten bulbs on the shelves in Lowes and I assume also Home Depot, along with an inexpensive clamp-on bulb socket that's good for getting your tungsten ColorChecker shot.)

To the OP: Take a look at https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_create_DCP_color_profiles - this is the workflow I use, and is pretty similar to Glenn's workflow.  If you are careful about camera naming, the generated color profiles work in Lightroom too.  (LR is a bit more finicky than RT about metadata in the DCP profile.  Lots of Mi Sphere 360 users are using the dual-illuminant profile I posted on Facebook a year or two ago with excellent results - the Sphere is kind of notorious for having a completely broken ColorMatrix in its DNGs.)

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