Canon's anti 3rd party lens strategy is costing them customers.

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Re: Canon's anti 3rd party lens strategy is costing them customers.

sportyaccordy wrote:

When I bought my R back around Xmas 2019, I had a lot of optimism about the system. Coming from Sony FE, the phenomenal ergonomics and EVF were revelatory. And while the lens selection wasn't vast, there was enough there for me to move over with until things got fully fleshed out. Once the 3rd parties got on board, I'd be able to have it all.

Well, nearly 2 years later reality has set in. Sigma/Tamron have not touched this mount and don't seem to have any real plan to. Samyang stopped and then restarted making RF lenses? Still no indication of my beloved 45 1.8 coming over. And I just got tired of adapting EF glass. Yes they work great. But they take the "small" out of small primes. And wide angle DSLR glass is relatively huge.

In any case I got tired of waiting and reluctantly went back to Sony. It has been an adjustment, but it's manageable, and critically I know lenses won't be an issue at all. The cheapo 85 has fast AF. There are probably like 20 primes in the 35-50mm range. Their zooms are still expensive but that's not as critical for me as it used to be. Etc.

Right now I think RF is great for buyers at the ends of the market- if you have $10K to drop on an R5 kit with 2lb F/1.2 primes or you want to go barebones with an RP + the cheapest RF glass available, you're set. But in the middle where I'd wager the vast majority of buyers are Canon has work to do. Part of that is lens selection. I think if they would relent to 3rd parties with licensing fees to get access to the RF protocol it would work best for everyone. But Canon has to do what it feels is best.

Still, I'm bummed. I could have held out if more Samyang glass were available. I'd eventually have pivoted to the R6 once that got down to the ~$1500 range used. But now I'm out of the fold. I'm seeing a couple of people on the Sony forums in the same boat.

I would like to think I am in the middle, not at either end. I started with the R, moved to the R6, and am gradually adding RF glass when I feel the need. I don't "need" a 3rd party lens, although I use the Sigma 100-400c, and had a  14mm Samyang for a while. I can select from so many legacy Canon EF lenses with the adapter. That approach fills my future needs and potentially a present purchase plans depending on what pops up in the local used market.

I tried Sony very briefly, and could not handle the ergonomics. If Sigma and Tamron want to play off a Sony market, as opposed to developing RF lenses for Canon users, so be it. Their loss, not mine. I realize Sigma is pushing more development/research $$ to their partnership for the L mount cameras. There is only so much that a firm can do, especially when they are putting a large bet on the L mount system/partnership.

I understand if you like "small" primes and the EF adapted glass doesn't work for you, but adapted lenses works well for me, a middle ground type of guy

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