Rabbit Photography with the Sigma FP-L video ----

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Re: Rabbit Photography with the Sigma FP-L video ----

JayDog wrote:

Scott thansk again.

So I have the a7IV and FP_L. I do not have much high quality wide angle lenses. I can look around . I am adapting canon lenses to both the Sony and sigma as it is nice to have a lens doing double duty. 24mm ef-s lens, a 50m f1.8 lens.

Comparing image quality between the two cameras if very close. I prefer the color of Sigma and that you can shoot cdng files is awesome vs raw on Sony. I actually think more people will like the sigma FP color rendering over the Sony as far as image quality. It might not have as much resolution/rendering not sure how that is done but it is so close at this point not an issue. More so other is the user aspect and what you want to do with the camera.

The sigma is not a traditional spray and pray camera like the big 3 produce. I feels very sigma, slow deliberate, take your time, ect. I would probably only suggest the sigma for people who still appreciate the process and are not shooting something like sports.

In a high stress situation or fast pace environment where I had to get the shot, Id pick the Sony every time.

For everything else Id take the sigma. So like 80% of the time the sigma feel like a logic choice, but that is the type of shooting I do .


Interesting. I apprciate your thoughts Jay. Thank you.

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