What would take for you to go back to DSLR's

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'going back'

TITCHY wrote:

please ignore the slightly provocative title, its purely tongue in cheek but slightly copying the thread next door (but in reverse)

quite a few of us here took up the Z system quite early (2 1/2 years+) and have had the experience of initial disappointment, as , at first the Z6/7 were not quite as good as they could have been on launch , however we weathered the storm and several firmware updates later and a new generation (ii models). and we have been joined by some newer "Z" adopters.

I acknowledge that the Z system is an expensive one and cost plays a big part in determining a users choices. so this thread is aimed at the above early adopters who have had a fair chance to have formed an opinion, based on experience.

my question to those early adopters, is really , are you satisfied enough with your venture into the "Z" to be confident that (a) Nikon is on the right track and things can only get better , and (b) given the Z9 due later in the year , with the likelihood that the tech, will trickle down into the next gen, would you consider backtracking to the DSLR world again.

personally , I still have a D500, D810 and 2 DF's and an absolute shedload of lenses from 1959 to present day. but the Z lenses have been a revelation 200 plus F mount lenses and none of them can better any of the Z equivalents. I have both Z6 and 7 first versions and apart from rapid movement (tracking scenarios) they beat the DSLR's I own comfortably for focus accuracy in all cases, with the exception of fast tracking, and you all know about other mirrorless features that make shooting a better experience , I am hanging on to my older models but I really do not use them , I have not picked up the D810 or d500 since getting the Z models , the DFs gave me tons of pleasure and as I have a vast collection of old glass I will keep them , though currently I am not using them either.

'focus by wire' ~ fly by night, fly by the seat of your pants, take your pick.

you might be surprised in the number of people that don't care diddly about 'Z equivalents'

I remember Nikon stating that they would continue to support the DSLR community ,but I fear they (and we) have been the victim of the perfect storm . if it was not bad enough that they launched the Z mount during a very difficult time in the camera industry , but the recent double whammy of Covid and the (components and chip) shortages world wide. I fear that Nikon have no choice but to use all of their currently very limited resources on the Z mount , and won't be able to commit to DSLR for the foreseeable future , the danger is , that if the Z9 is as good as we would expect , then it will supersede both D6 and D850 in performance , in which case how can Nikon then justify spending any more time and money on the DSLR line.

I am certain I wont be buying any more DSLR's , but would feel gutted if I was in that group and the line got dropped completely.

off to get some popcorn now and a flame retardant screen for my monitor.

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