Need SD card advice for video

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Re: Need SD card advice for video

AlephNull wrote:

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AlephNull wrote:

Well, video does not need the extra speed - I am fairly sure that the M series cards are rated V90 (you might want to check that). I have only G series cards, but I shoot uncompressed RAW stills on the A7RIV, and that can make a difference (even more on the insane A1).

If you decide to go for the M, though, you have the option of getting a larger card - the M cards come in 256 or even 512, I think (G tops out at 128).

Thanks! I did get an M card for video that seems to work great. IF ONLY my bag that had my memory cards, 1TB ssd drive, battery chargers, cables, a couple filters and step-up rings hadn’t gotten STOLEN on my trip to Oregon!! Ugh! My homeowners insurance has too high a deductible and my vehicle insurance doesn’t cover content theft! Grrr! Lol

That’s really frustrating. Even if you could replace all that gear, it would not replace The images and footage that would be on the cards and the ssd. And insurance doesn’t seem to cover revisiting all the places you’d been to shoot them

Thankfully, the used cards were in a different bag, so I didn’t loose and imagery. But the financial loss hurts. I’m furious with my insurance though! Can’t believe that, with the amount I pay for home and auto insurance EVERY month, I still have like a $3500 deductible. I’m probably going to sign up with the Professional Photographers of America (~$325/year) for a membership - that’ll give me access to insurance policies through a company they team with. I talked to the insurance company and it’s around $22/year per $1000 of coverage and that covers camera gear, sound gear, computers and drones. Basically, everything a photographer or videographer might use. I thought it was a little pricey before my trip. NOW I’m kicking myself for not getting it; and since I figured out how lacking my other policies are, I’m thinking it’s a pretty damn good investment!

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