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Re: DJI Air 2S camera/gimbal question

Len-O wrote:

Zendit_Outdoors wrote:

New to drones - please excuse the newb question.

Let’s say you fly out some where and you’re panning around with the gimbal, looking at stuff… when you want to fly somewhere else, how do you (is there a way to) return the camera to front-center, so you’re seeing what’s directly in front of you? Is there a button (combo) or gesture to accomplish this; or do you just sorta have to figure (with experience) it out as you’re flying?

Thanks to those that reply!

Yes. On the controller, the "Fn" button can be set to several functions using single, or double clicks. One of those is the "Recenter Gimbal" function. The same function can be found in the Camera settings. However, after a few flights you will find adjusting, and repositioning the gimbal will come as second nature to you.

Also, horizontal panning is not usually done via gimbal, but with left, or right yaw of the drone. In the specs you will find that there is no control along the Pan axis. You do have a degree of horizontal gimbal adjustment using the touch screen of whatever device you are using with the RC, or the touch screen of the Smart Controller (if you have one).

Your controllable gimbal adjustment is with tilt (-90º to default 0º) and if the upward extension option is selected (-90º to extended 24º).

You will use the flight controls to pan left, or right. If you are shooting a panorama this can be done manually, but the automatic panorama function built into the Air 2S will do a better job effectively giving you a tripod in the sky.

Thank you SO much for the explanation! I’m about to take my maiden flight tomorrow, lol! I’m nervous. Haha! That makes lots of sense, though - what you said. Just trying to understand as much of the control as I can because this is ALL new for me. Plus, I’m absolutely incompetent with a video game because I’m utterly unable to use the damn controllers. It frustrates the hell out of my kids! I’ve about got it figured out now…. Thanks to you! Appreciate ya! 👊😉

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