ND filters vs Aperature

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Re: ND filters vs Aperature

As to the ND filter question for video… there’s NO way I could explain why you’d want NDs for VIDEO better than Jeven Dovey. Watch the short video below.


Its not that you can’t film without them- it’s that having them opens up much more options for exposure (than without them) and it makes your life MUCH easier! Every camcorder the studio provides me has built in ND’s and, if I don’t use them properly, my butt will get chewed out royally. We only get ONE shot (literally) at things and if I get the exposure wrong it can really ruin not just the shot, but a whole episode. NO professional videographer that works outdoors would work without access to NDs. They really are critical to making videos outdoors and I’d say even in general; even though I can’t recall ever using an ND when filming in a tent or indoors.

Videography and still photography are very different, despite sometimes using the same camera. I can see why many photographers may find little need for NDs but a videographer without them would be like an outdoor photographer not having a polarizing filter (of any kind) in their kit.

Hope this helps

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