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Re: ND filters vs Aperature

Soooo, I probably don’t have any business replying since I’m somewhat new here and trying to Lear/re-learn a lot of stuff related to still photography and video using a mirrorless camera. However, I DO have some professional experience as a cameraman for some outdoor TV shows. Since it seems most of the replies have been weighted towards still photography rather than video, I’m going to stick my nose in here a bit…

In regards to videography, many content creators seek that (loosely defined) “cinematic” look to their video. To do this, as I’m sure you know, the general rule is to set your shutter speed to double your frame rate; and 24fps is generally standard (think Hollywood/tv) in the US although some stuff is now being done at 30fps. These frame rates produce the motion blur and look/feeling that most people are used to. Going to 60fps, I think, will produce content that is relatively jarring to look at because of a lack of motion blur. This is ONE reason why 24fps is so popular.

On a more practical level, filming at 60fps (for your general footage) is problematic because it only leaves you 120fps for any footage you intend to slow down. I don’t know if your camera offers 120fps but, for me, I like saving those higher frame rates for the shots I intend to slow down. Also, if you choose to shoot in 60fps you will have a very hard time finding B-roll from sources other than your own library. MANY video creators will sometimes use copyright-free B-roll or even B-roll from a friend or fellow creator. When you’re editing your video you need to pick a frame rate for your timeline and dropping clips that are filmed in a different frame rate than the one you chose for your timeline will NOT produce optimal results. Taking all this a step further, let’s say you want to include some drone footage but you don’t have a drone that shoots at 60fps (let’s say you’re shooting in 4k), now you’re going to have a problem. Dropping some 24fps drone footage into your 60fps timeline is NOT going to look good.

I'm not trying to say 60fps is bad or wrong - it’s not. If you film everything at 60fps (and stick to 1/120 shutter speed) and drop it into a 60fps timeline, it’ll probably look fine. Although I’m not sure about the motion blur. It just seems to be limiting, IMO. If there was a benefit to it, then the pros would be doing it. Again, I only run a camcorder for the shows I work for and I take my orders from the studio, as to the frame rates they want. I’m a glorified monkey, lol! I ought to understand “why” but I haven’t needed to. I only do it so I get to go on the adventures; and I only have the gig because I’m really good at the adventuring part. Now, here I am 10 years into it, trying to actually learn the why. Haha. We’re all trying to be artistic with our video or photos, so I definitely understand the urge to ‘buck the trend.’ But I don’t think that this particular trend is one of the ones to buck. There IS some sense to playing with 24 vs 25 vs 30 but I don’t think (personally) that going to 60fps is something I would do.

One other consideration that I’m not going to claim I understand (yet) is what type of screen the viewer is going to watch your video on. This topic is mentioned in one of the videos below, though. Basically, if you post a video that’s meant to be viewed at a frame rate that’s faster than their device can handle, their experience won’t be as enjoyable as you intended. I’m not sure 60fps would create this issue for many people, but it’s sure something I would check into before hitching my horse to that 60fps wagon

Here are a couple YT videos that you might find interesting, in regards to the subject:

This gives some helpful info despite being mostly about 24fps vs 30fps but he does discuss 60fps around the 8:00 minute mark: https://youtu.be/WIo7jwsYbxc



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