Another Camera Bag - Wontancraft Pilot 10L (thoughts for USA)

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Another Camera Bag - Wontancraft Pilot 10L (thoughts for USA)

Short version: I live in the USA, got the Wontancraft pilot 10L, sort of a "financially forced keeper"

Similar size will be the Think Tank retrospective 10

I shoot the Leica Q2 and Sony A9ii with a few lenses and will use the battery grip if needed.

I shot with the Q2 for this test. I am sure the Sony with no battery grip for sure will work fine.



  1. bag is well made
  2. the magnetic buckle
  3. Decent amount of pockets
  4. Lots of attachments I think are functional for the right person
  5. Shoulder strap glides well
  6. Nice touch the bag closes to reduce any active rain to close the bag better etc
  7. Have to figure out how to carry a monopod but it looks promising

Could be improved

  1. The padding on the shoulder strap could be thicker... Like "Think Tank"
  2. Strap material I think is too thin. Its kinda like your car seatbelt type thickness
  3. The lid of the bag could open wider to work out of the bag easier
  4. The hidden zipper compartment in between the bag is well hidden so thats good or hard to get to could go either way (like category)
  5. The out of the box oder dissipates but its there whatever it is...

Niceties that are missing and this is a Nit Pick catagory

  1. No tags or labels to the bag - like when you buy any new bag at least Think Tank for one example
  2. No extra dividers -
  3. No paperwork in the box

Dont really like, not bad per se

  1. Cost, the cost of the bag what it is, but, I dunno know. I think its priced $75 too high...
  2. This bag to the USA is between $275 ish and $325 ish depending on your shipping speed preference. Free vs $50
  3. Return policy and yes maybe they are not B&H photo. No idea how to make this less worrisome or say its just me... Life goes on ,, LOL....


What I am writing is my opinion and I dont mean to come across as you have to XYZ if that does happen here...

If you are trying to get bag size from them and you are in the USA, use Google CM to Inches... that darn metric system LOL.... Still it would be a nice touch to put the converted sizes to inches in the description. Operation I felt would be faster than the draw sting option. That was a good choice on my part.


I am a bit if a camera bag junkie that is occasionally looking for that perfect camera bag. No such thing.... You just have to get this thing in hand.

Just too clear up why I said financially forced keeper. Far as I know this is not a bag carried in the USA even by B&H.. Heck B&H I believe stopped carrying Billingham as I look at that web site today. Anyway, you can return to Wontancraft but you lose maybe 1/3 of what you paid in cost to return. Plus you better have something to photograph in the following week after the bag is received AND you better keep it in mint condition. So returns for what I am used to that policy is what it is... plan accordingly ...

I am not one that buys and returns as the usual at all.

Camera bags are one thing on paper, another thing to watch a video review and another to get in person and load it with your gear. Empty bag vs not empty ... Same for any other form... backpack, sling, roller etc...


I added two zipper pouches and one coin pouch to the kit and they are nice. The zipper pouch can be used as an individual "bag" comes with a neck strap. Nice touch

I added for an extra $8 the magnetic locking mechanism, very nice, but Why... I ask Wontancraft not make it standard for a $2 item I bet... Charge $5 more for the bag if you have to.


10 liter pilot vs 7 L, I am glad I got the 10L ! ... driving force in part was the whole return policy procedure is not so easy... and buy bigger than you think you need is not a bad rule of thumb if you can only buy one bag.

I removed the hard divider that would normal be used to keep a small laptop or iPad and the link separate. I wanted the extra width and room for the bag.


Three dividers came with the bag. one divider I made a better floor for the bag and the other two made the bag in to a 3 compartment bag.

Ultimately I do not feel like I made a bad choice and have to take a hit to return the bag. It kinda grows on you...


Opinion is subject to change over time.. Only had the bag maybe 5 days,

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